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The costs associated with diesel are a crucial financial element for road transport companies and have a direct influence on transport tariffs.

Fluctuations in diesel prices are offset by a supplement on the transport price. This supplement is calculated monthly based on the average diesel price in Switzerland, which is updated weekly by the International Road Transport Union (IRU). Based on this, ASTAG issues a recommendation for the fuel supplement rate, which is followed by LOG CONCEPT.

Rates for May 2024:

  • Domestic Transport:  4.0%

  • International Transport: 9.0%

Traffic congestion on Swiss roads leads to a significant increase in annual costs for the transport industry. Delays due to traffic congestion result in decreased productivity. The annual report on national road traffic confirms this trend.

To address this productivity decrease, which affects the entire road sector, LOG CONCEPT calculates a congestion supplement, which is calculated quarterly based on the congestion hours of the previous four quarters.

Rates for the period April to July 2024:

  • Congestion supplement: 6.8%

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